WIll Be Creating Hermanator Website

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WIll Be Creating Hermanator Website

Post by Cain's The Main on Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:18 pm

this was another way Huck's Army got Gov Huckabee 'on the map' so to speak.They do most of their grassroots efforts through their message board though. It works.
We should plaster myspace,twitter,FB.All social networks available as well as start local groups in our community.Grassroots is so important.The message board is a good tool.We can get together here.Brainstorm ideas.Keep in touch.Fight the good fight.
Later today i will begin the Website and put a link here to give younz a look see.It will,include,of course, a link to our board.
Finally,i will be setting up a blog at Blogger. Anyone else like to blog? Go for it!
We're all on the same team.Get Herman Cain Nominated & finally ELECTED!

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