I've Seen This Movie Before

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I've Seen This Movie Before

back in the 2008 race for the Republican nomination there was a little known candidate by the name of Gov Huckabee. There was also the better known candidate Sen McCain.Of course,Sen McCain had more name recognition. There were other candidates in the field but we'll focus on these 2 because McCain won and Huckabee came in 2nd.
Let's begin with how Huckabee even got where he did. Huck's Army.In their own words,
"two home-schooled, evangelical 19-year-old twin brothers from Gresham, and co-founders of HucksArmy.com. Our story is a testament to the power of ordinary citizens."
You could probably think of Huck's Army as precursor to the tea party movement.
Again,as they put it.
"For a candidate who started with little name recognition and who always operated with less staff and resources than his rivals, the impact of this new breed of grass roots was truly remarkable. It propelled Huckabee from his position as a political asterisk to eight primary wins, including a stunning upset in the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses and a surprising five-state haul on Super Tuesday. Four days later, he shocked the world again, trouncing McCain in Kansas by a 3-to-1 margin, winning the Louisiana primary and placing a close second in Washington state."
"Around that same time, convinced that the grass-roots enthusiasm we saw building around our candidate needed a place to gather, we launched HucksArmy.com." It was,as they put it,a "perpetually broke" campaign.
From: http://ihearthuckabee.blogspot.com/Ihearthuckabee.blogspot.com
The campaign came down to one state,Texas.The alamo.This was a do or die state for Huckabee.
He had closed the gap with McCain-45% McCain/ 41% Huckabee.The momentum for the Gov was so strong going into Texas i was 99.9% sure he would win. The buzz was optimistic and the crowds were good. In fact,they had planned for a small event in Plano,Texas and found out they had to open up the rooms to fit the crowd. Things looked good,then McCain took Texas.
We knew it was over. So what went so horribly wrong?
It's where the blog title comes from,I've seen this movie before and it's repeating for Herman Cain.
1. The Republican establishment-or the elites as i call them-had already gotten behind McCain.
They had already done their coronation.

Some national party leaders worried that his continued presence in the race would make it more difficult for McCain-Huckabee commented on this saying, it's "pathetic," he told U.S. News, that the party couldn't handle a little competition "in the semifinals."
The other problem I personally ran into were the Ron Paul supporters.One,they put up a message board against Huckabee that was simply vitriolic.I'd run into these ppl at various sites and they weren't any different there.They had invaded sodahead(sodahead.com) and i usually had to block them from discussion. The next tact they took was during the phone banks for Huckabee.This was done by volunteers. The Ron Paul supporters interfered in the Huck phone calls to Texas as i understood it.
i couldn't verify it-but i wouldn't put it past them.
Huckabee was being attacked from his own basically. I am certain that if it had been a more level playing field and the media would have been fairer we might not have seen a McCain win nor an Obama presidency.
My thinking this time is that it's not going to happen again because we are not going to let it. The people have got to be smarter than this. They cannot let the Republican establishment do their picking for them.
We can do this and get Herman Cain nominated but be aware.The elites will crown someone and it's going to be difficult.Difficult,yes.Impossible,NO!
The other factor we can figure in this time is the grass roots movement that didn't exist at the time of Huck's campaign.The tea party.
How to win.
1. Have a great candidate.No campaign no matter how good it is or how much money it has is worth squid if it doesn't have a gr8 candidate.
We've DEFINITELY got that!!!! He can win.Keep that in mind.
2. Determination.
3. Connection to the people. The media covers just so much. The rest is happening on the ground.
Media coverage is crucial though without name recognition.Unfortunate but true.Do the best we can with what we have and what we lack make up for in social networking.
4. Blogs.The blogs played a huge role in the buzz about Huckabee.The people who were really behind Huck did some great blogs and connected with each other via blog roll.
5. Message board.Huck's Army message board was great for the supporters.They stayed encouraged and got to trade info.The blogs and message board did a great deal for Huck.It's why i started this board. There is also facebook and other soc networks that are very very useful.No doubt.
Supporters have to stay connected to other supporters.If not,people get discouraged.They can feel as if they're the only ones out there supporting the candidate. They don't see or feel the momentum unless they keep in touch with each other. They like info-they want to know what's going on.
Not everyone blogs.The message board became a great place for people to meet.They formed friendships through a common goal. It played a huge role.
6.DONATIONS.I want to stress this one. Huckabee did very well on a shoestring budget. He was vastly underspent compared to the other candidates. It was the people supporting him that got him where he was-the money got him by.It takes an enormous amount of money these days to run a campaign.As i said,no amount of money will help a terrible candidate but there are some candidates who will begin with a ton of money of their own.( I will mention no names.)
Huck had people giving everything they could and in some instances everything they had no matter how little.If all you have to give is a 1.00 that's fine.Whatever YOU can do.

PLS PLS donate to Herman Cain.Campaign's can't run on air.He can probably pull another Huck but with the Rep elites having some weight in this we've got to get behind Mr Cain every way possible.
Mr Cain has these strengths,strategically speaking that is:
1. The Tea Party movement. He's well liked within this movement and he likes them.
It's a mutual admiration society.
2. He also appeals to main street Republicans,Independents and i've met even a few Dems who like what they see.
3. Don't think he can't win.He has a very good shot once he gets some name recognition and that's where the people-like you and me-come in.
Just remember i've seen this movie before and if you're aware you have less chance of getting blindsided by it.Trust me,Fox's marginalizing Cain is no accident.
Finally PLS sign the petition to Fox.I want them to clearly get the message.This week watching them fall all over Donald Trump was the last straw.
i don't care if they have Trump on or whoever else they have-but let's be fair and balanced about it.You don't marginalize someone who has won polls,is getting support and has opened an exploratory committee.
Let's turn off this movie and get a better ending,k?
We have a terrific viable candidate who can win.GO CAIN GO!

If you reach for the moon you can get there Smile
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