THE GOP and their coronations

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THE GOP and their coronations

Post by Cain's The Main on Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:30 pm

Hope this doesn't offend anyone but something that's bugged me especially since the last election.
It's not just in the GOP happens in the Democratic party too.
It seems like it's always a coronation.The GOP gets it in their head who they want for the nominee and we get stuck with it. Last time around it was Sen McCain.Not a bad guy but did it seem like we had much choice? I voted for Gov Huckabee. He was on our ballot after McCain got the nod but in good conscience i had to vote for Mike. Not that it did any good.McCain was crowned and that was it.

Well,folks,not this time. While the GOP is looking here,there and everywhere we KNOW who our guy is and this time they're not crowning theirs.
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