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     Announcement: [ Poll ]
    Would a Cain/Gingrich Ticket be a winning ticket?

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  • 20110506
    Atlanta talk-show host and businessman Herman Cain stole the show in the GOP debate in Greenville, S.C., Thursday, and may have vaulted himself into the front tier of Republican candidates according to several pundits and observers.

    “If you want the real headline today it would say, ‘A star is born,’” Matt Towery, the conservative syndicated columnist and CEO of the nonpartisan InsiderAdvantage polling firm, told Newsmax Friday.

    Cain, he said, could be the come-from-behind candidate this season, like others have done in the past, including former President...

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  • 20110505
    Pray for Herman Cain.This could be his break!
    Fox 9:00 pm EDT .Be sure to watch.

    Very Happy

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  • 20110416
    heads up.Am going to create a new category and post ALL the Herman Cain videos in one place.Noticed today they are scattered throughout various categories.It'd be nice to have them all in one spot.
    Will get to it sometime (this)Sat.
    Naturally it will get tweeted.
    Another discovery today.Ended up at the poll.Herman Cain's name is on the list(kudos,better than some)but he's not doing that well.
    What makes a major difference in these online polls is how many supporters actually show up to vote.
    The candidate with the most supporters voting wins.

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  • 20110415
    Herman Cain Can Win
    back in the 2008 race for the Republican nomination there was a little known candidate by the name of Gov Huckabee. There was also the better known candidate Sen McCain.Of course,Sen McCain had more name recognition. There were other candidates in the field but we'll focus on these 2 because McCain won and Huckabee came in 2nd.
    Let's begin with how Huckabee even got where he did. Huck's Army.In their own words,
    "two home-schooled, evangelical 19-year-old twin brothers from Gresham, and co-founders of Our story is a testament to the power of ordinary citizens."

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  • 20110412

    Let foreign profits come home

    April 10th, 2011

    Herman Cain
    For decades, Democrats have insisted on taxing profits generated by U.S. companies in foreign countries, because they thought it would force businesses to keep the investments in the U.S.


    The unintended consequences were just the opposite effect. A business-friendly environment always works better than force.

    President George W. Bush was able to get the repatriated tax rate lowered to 5.25 percent in 2003, and nearly $350 billion came back into our economy....

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  • 20110411
    by Tony
    Why Donald Trump's Poll Numbers May Be Good News For Herman Cain
    Trump's high poll numbers could transfer over to Cain
    by Tony Lee

    Donald Trump and Herman Cain had the most interesting poll numbers last week.

    In an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, Mitt Romney led the field of perspective 2012 GOP candidates at 21%. Trump, though, was tied for second with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee at 17%. In another poll done by Public Policy Polling of potential New Hampshire voters, Mitt Romney led with 27% and Trump again came in second with...

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  • 20110406
    Thanks to everyone for all the work at getting the word out on Herman Cain It's paid off.We have a long haul ahead of us yet,so the work isn't over.Yet,this is great news to crow about.Keep voting.Herman Cain is now leading on the Iowa poll.In addition Mr Cain has 500+ new supporters just since this weekend! The media is ignoring this.Once he wins the nomination they won't be able to.Keep up the gr8 work but pat yourselves on the back too.
    Get on board the Cain train

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  • 20110330
    i read a tweet tonight say the 'insiders' (who are these ppl?)of the Republican party are not supporting a Herman Cain nomination. I've seen this movie before;the coronations of the Rep and Dem party's.They decide who gets to run-and of course,who loses.
    Not the time to give up.We will support Herman Cain. We will make sure he can run. We will let it be known to these insiders that it's we the people who decide and we will pick someone who can actually win.Pls keep your crown 'insiders.'
    We have a news flash for you.

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  • 20110324
    Gov Palin's support is very strong among her followers.I do like Gov Palin.
    However, i think she is too polarizing to get elected.If i thought she could beat Obama i'd say go for it but i think she'll be eaten alive. We'll see.i think the support for Herman Cain is very strong among those of us who know him but he lacks the name recognition of Palin.This is probably why he's behind on some of the polls we have posted here.What do you think? Could there be other reasons?
    We definitely have to pound the pavement, so to speak ,to get the word out and get him name recognition.Someone...

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  • 20110319
    Not sure why it is but every time Congressman Weiner takes up an issue he makes it all look silly.

    Hermanation,Blog Alg_co10
    The big issue for Weiner now is the defunding of NPR and he went on the silly attack this week providing the media with a nifty little sound byte.
    .Maybe NPR isn't getting a big chunk of the Gov't budget[Millions is nothing to sneeze at though.Do you have a million dollars to throw around?]The question...

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  • 20110316
    now that there are so many crisis facing the U.S.(and the world at large) the great speaker has taken his teleprompters and left the stage.
    Biden has left the building. We are in deep trouble people and the sooner Herman Cain gets the nomination the better.We will have something to honestly hope for.Not an imagined trouble free world where the rich give to the poor and sworn enemies drop their weapons and hold hands with us.A country where bipartisan is honest debate;not "I won,you lost" live with it. Picture Herman Cain as the CEO of the greatest country in the world. We would...

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  • 20110315

    Herman Cain: From the Back of the Bus to the White House?

    President Barack Obama’s childhood has been widely discussed, and (by some) hotly debated, but much less is known about the man hoping to become the second black president, Herman Cain.

    By now, most political junkies know of Cain’s background as the CEO of Godfathers Pizza, his work as a successful conservative radio host, and maybe even...

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  • 20110315
    Hermanation,Blog 2jd13r13

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  • 20110315

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  • 20110314
    from the National Register
    People are hungry for leadership
    by Herman Cain
    Source:National Registry
    After a jam packed week of nearly 20 speaking and listening events in Texas, Iowa and New Hampshire, I hear a consistent message from people. They are so concerned about the lack of leadership in the White House and Congress that they are now scared for our future.

    People are certainly justified in their thinking when you consider a stalled economy despite claims...

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  • 20110314
    report from

    Herman Cain confident of his presidential chances
    Senior Political Reporter
    21 hours, 34 minutes ago

    MANCHESTER – Conservative Herman Cain, former business executive, author and one-time radio talk show host, minces no words when it comes to his belief that he can become the next President of the United States.

    He says...

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  • 20110313
    The Arab league has called for a NFZ over Libya-should the United States impose one? NO ground troops.
    Comments welcome.

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  • 20110313
    If Herman Cain picked Bachman as a running mate would you still vote for him?

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  • 20110313
    what can we do now?
    contact a local group.Anotherwords get ppl together who either know of Herman Cain and support him or ppl who aren't sure who they are going to vote for-just know they're not going to support Obama. Introduce them to Mr has some materials. They cost but they're reasonable. Print out the Herman Cain biography.Send it to everyone on your email list.Post it to facebook,Twitter or Blog.Pass it out by hand. if you have a Herman Cain blog or website give me the link and.i'll add it to the list of favorites as well as on my Herman...

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  • 20110312
    The GOP establishment is not going to do one of their coronations because we are not going to let them.
    Back in the 2008 race a less well known Gov by the name of Mike Huckabee was supported by a grass roots movement known as Huck's was started by
    a dynamic duo of home-schooled 19-year-old evangelical brothers known as the Harris Twins.
    They were inspired by Gov Huckabee,began a message board(like we're doing here),got the word out and were totally committed to Gov Huckabee winning the GOP nomination.They were bound and determined Gov Huckabee would make it to the...

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  • 20110310
    i take it when you blog you're supposed to update on a daily,if not regular basis at least.Am not Blogging Savvy and right now am on the look out for new info.Also some members.I seem to be the ONLY person posting here and using the board.
    I thought this would work well for us-it's what Huck's Army did and was a means for Huck's supporters to keep in contact and encourage each other.It worked.
    It seemed like a good way to go for Mr Cain but so far no one has has taken an interest here.
    I was sure if we took the Huck's Army Model-at least what worked-it would work for us.

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  • 20110228
    Hermanation,Blog Herman10
    People are already putting their chess pieces on the board and pundits are wondering who will make the first move towards being the GOP challenger in the next election. I think it will be a dark horse candidate that most people have not heard of…yet.

    Folks, Herman Cain is going to walk away with the GOP nod in 2012.
    and here's why

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  • 20110227
    Cain came out with 22%
    Herman Cain wins Tea Party presidential live straw poll at Phoenix summit
    By: CNN Political Producer Shannon Travis

    Phoenix (CNN) – Which Republican should become the next president? Herman Cain, according to a number of Tea Party activists gathered at a weekend summit in Phoenix.

    Cain, a conservative talk show host and former Godfather's Pizza chief executive, won the American Policy Summit's presidential live straw poll on Sunday.

    Republican Rep. Ron Paul of Texas won the summit's online poll.

    The survey is...

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  • 20110227
    the one thing Mr Cain needs is name recognition and 100% support.I hope we are getting the word out and the race for the Republican nominee begins soon.Am so anxious that we get started in earnest to have Mr Cain run for the White House.
    I mentioned Herman Cain to my brother tonight and he never heard of him.I am going to send him the link and the Cpac you tube.
    This is exactly what we need to do.If people say Herman Who,we need to tell them.Mr Cain is working very hard himself at making appearances and giving interviews.
    Go Hermantor Go!

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  • 20110226
    I'm going to take a break;post photos,videos for awhile.List events.
    It seems to be off to a good start here in the direction of a total bomb but i'll keep up with info from time to time.
    Meaning i'm off to investing time in other things that might be more productive(to say the least).
    Still,be sure to give Mr Cain a look see and seriously consider him as a candidate.We need someone who is NOT a politician and who has Mr Cain's background.We have needed our George Washington and i think we have found him.
    I have plenty of faith in Mr Cain and he has my 100% support regardless...

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  • 20110226
    i sent him the link and he sent it out to everyone on his mailing list.
    next i'm going to send this link and see if folks won't join.I hope we get to the next step too which is getting Mr Cain on the Republican ticket!

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